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Friday, November 26, 2010


The Wedding Sand Ceremony is a more and more common way for a bride and groom to recognize that the two are becoming one flesh as Scripture says.  Often times it replaces the Unity Candle Ceremony at weddings.  The bride and groom each choose a color of sand that is appropriate for them.  That sand is kept in two individual glass containers.  At a certain time in the ceremony, many times during their vows, the bride and groom each pour a portion of their sand into a larger glass vessel.  More vows and more sand is poured until they have emptied their individual glass containers.  Uniquely the sand combines to make designs that illustrate both characters in one vessel representing their marriage relationship. 

Well during my stay in South Dakota I had some awesome biblical counseling.  During the three and a half weeks I had the most incredible experience of self discovery and realization of who I am in Christ and who He is in me, that I chose to have a sand ceremony between me and God.  As my counselor, Pat Karn, poured white sand in the vessel for God, I poured cobalt blue sand in the vessel and proclaimed that in Christ I am a new creature.  I’m loved, pursued, cherished and adored.  Everything I was searching for prior to my Spiritual Awakening was found through God’s Word and in His promises to me and forgiveness of my past, present and future sins!  The design that the two colors of sand made is a beautiful reminder of Jesus and me living in this earthly tent together.  We are told that we are the Bride of Christ. As Jesus did many symbolic things on this earth, my Sand Ceremony was symbolic of Jesus living in me and how I abide in Him.  The glass vessel I have on my bookshelf is an awesome reminder every day as I look at it, who I am in Christ and who He is in me!  I love the words of John the Baptist when he said…in John 3:30 talking about Jesus:
He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. 

May it be so!

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